Do we live stream weddings? The simple answer is NO!

As our main focus is funerals but we can stream your wedding in a similar action to how we stream our funerals

For reference:

• We will communicate with one person as the main contact for consistency.

• Please keep the questions to a minimum.

• We do not conduct or attend a rehearsal.

• We will send one videographer to stream the service.

• We then post the recording of the service "as is" (no post production).

• We will stream the service up to 2 hours, after that there are additional costs ($100/hr).

• If you want the reception live streamed, that will be a separate booking and a separate full charge.

• Our videographer will arrive 90 minutes before the service starts, if you have any video suggestions you can quickly pass them on to the videographer at that time.

• For full pricing, please reference our Price page.

• To book online, please use this link. We don't book over the phone. Prepayment is required. We don't offer discounts and we don't use Groupon.