Producing A Legacy Story

Producing a Legacy Story is like having a conversation or an interview.

You will have some stories you would like to share as they occur to you.

While sharing your story, you can feel free to stop and reword your story, since we edit out the parts which don't belong.

If you run out of things to share, we will prompt you with general questions from categories like:

... Formative Years ... Family Heritage ... School & University ... Marriage ... Raising Your Children ... Work or Occupation (Military Service) ... Health ...Sports ... Faith ...

You can expect us to take 2-3 tea (or coffee) breaks.These are times we relax and chat about some questions, on the topics listed above.

It is difficult to speak smoothly from one topic to another topic. That is why taking breaks are important, then we edit out those breaks, so viewers of the Legacy Story will only see the finished, edited version.

The key is for you to be relaxed and enjoy the Legacy Story process.

That is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Legacy Story, we can redo your it.

We only take payment by credit card, once the project is completed.

Husbands & Wifes:

• Feel free to split one Legacy Package between your and your spouse.

• Each person has about 30 minutes to share