Before the Live Streaming

Q: I am looking at my upcoming service, but there is no player, only a picture. Why is this?

A: We post the live stream player a few hours before the service takes place, you will not be able to see a player until then.

How We Live Stream

Q: How does the live stream take place?

  • A: The live stream takes place through Vimeo. We provide a portal to view it on our website, which we can password-protect for security. For added security, we can also upload the video un-named on YouTube, so that it is unsearchable if that is upon request.

Q: How and who can access the video?

  • A: No matter which option you choose, sharing with friends and family is simple - We will provide you with a viewing link on our website, which you can forward to and share with whomever you choose. For more private options, visit our pricing page

Q: Can I view the service again after the live stream happened?

  • A: After the live stream has ended, we will upload an archive of the service on to our website within 4-6 hours. The service will be viewable there.

During the Service

Q: If we play music during the service, are there any copyright concerns?

  • A: Vimeo doesn't copyright claim music played in our services.

Q: Is the link ever at risk of crashing if too many people go on to watch the service?

  • A: We live stream with Vimeo, as there is NO limit for the number of viewers with never a risk of crashing.


After the Live Stream

Q: How long will the service say up on the website for?

  • A: We keep services up on our website indefinitely, unless you would like us to remove it for any reason.

Q: Is there an option for downloading or burning the service to a DVD?

  • A: There is a download guide on our website clearly outlining how to download a service onto your computer for both Mac and PC for free. If you would like a hard copy (on a Memory Stick), we would be happy to provide one for an extra charge of $50.