Before the Live Streaming

Q: I am looking at my upcoming service, but there is no player, only a picture. Why is this?

A: We post the live stream player around a day before the service takes place, you will not be able to see a player until then.

How We Live Stream

Q: How does the live stream take place?

  • A: The live stream takes place through YouTube. We provide a portal to view it on our website, which we can password-protect for security. For added security, we can also upload the video un-named on YouTube, so that it is unsearchable if that is upon request.

Q: How and who can access the video?

  • A: No matter which option you choose, sharing with friends and family is simple - We will provide you with a viewing link on our website, which you can forward to and share with whomever you choose. For more private options, visit our pricing page

Q: Can I view the service again after the live stream happened?

  • A: After the live stream has ended, we will upload an archive of the service on to our website within 4-6 hours. The service will be viewable there.

During the Service

Q: If we play music during the service, are there any copyright concerns?

  • A: YouTube does copyright claim most music played in our services. On the off chance the service is blocked because of it, we will edit the song out to avoid the copyright block.

Q: Is the link ever at risk of crashing if too many people go on to watch the service?

  • A: We live stream with YouTube, as there is NO limit for the number of viewers with never a risk of crashing.


After the Live Stream

Q: How long will the service say up on the website for?

  • A: We keep services up on our website indefinitely, unless you would like us to remove it for any reason.

Q: Is there an option for downloading or burning the service to a DVD?

  • A: There is a download guide on our website clearly outlining how to download a service onto your computer for both Mac and PC for free. If you would like a hard copy (on a Memory Stick), we would be happy to provide one for an extra charge of $100.