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Past Funeral Services

Please allow six hours after the service for the recording to be uploaded, for viewing again.

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Elvira Ciampi
Funeral Mass
July 28 2023

Giacomo Aldo Orivolo
Funeral Mass
July 14 2023

Tam, Loong Kui, Patrick
April 26 2023

Funeral Service

Tribute Slideshow

Margaret Anna Roder
April 4, 2023

Andreina Artuso
Funeral Mass
December 01 2022

Louisa Hamilton MacKenzie
September 22, 2022

Ying Kan

September 18 2022

LIEUSON, Grace Sy-Bun-Ha
Sept 3-4, 2022

Funeral Service

Celebration of Life

Maria Piroso
July 14, 2022

Teresina Maria Bevilacqua
Funeral Mass
July 04 2022

Fioravante Romano
Funeral Mass
June 07 2022

Easton, J. Marian
Funeral Mass
March 16 2022

Antonio Gallo
Funeral Mass
February 09 2022

Exequiel S. Gomez
Funeral Service
February 03 2022

Antonia Javerina
January 31 2022

Funeral Mass

Graveside Service

Tieh-Hua Kuan
Memorial Service
December 18 2021

2021 Christmas Memorial Service
December 08 2021

Anne Charlene Donaghey
Funeral Service
November 13 2021

Mark Richard Hasselmann
Funeral Mass
August 14 2021

Rosanna Santamaria
Funeral Service
July 29 2021

John Paul Calderon
Funeral Service
July 24 2021

Miranda Chan
Graveside Service
June 25 2021

Salina Brydson
Memorial Service
May 01 2021

Jean Marie Tempesta
Funeral Mass
April 29 2021

Jean Tempesta Slidshow Tribute