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Valley View Funeral Home & Cemetery

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Avalon Surrey Funeral Home & Cemetery

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Past Funeral Services

Please allow six hours after the service for the recording to be uploaded, for viewing again.

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Melvyn Reseigh
Celebration of Life
July 18 2022

James Denis

June 04 2022

Keith Kozak

May 02 2022

Dennise Campbell
February 20, 2022

Jacob Cameron
Funeral Service
February 18 2022

Sambhu Prasad
Funeral Service
February 02 2022

Mrs. Chun Chu Lee
Memorial Service
January 29 2022

Jack Evans

January 25 2022

Ganga Prasad
Funeral Service
January 9 2022
This is the full funeral file from the camera.

Len Hargreaves
December 21 2021

Funeral Service


Subramani Narsaiya
Funeral Mass
December 02 2021

Marina Petines
Funeral Mass
December 01 2021

Mary Charlton
Funeral Service
November 19 2021

Francis Shortreid
Funeral Service
November 13 2021

Pauline Zakaluk
Funeral Service
August 16 2021

Ray Joseph Titus
Funeral Service
July 21 2021

PETERS, James Mark
July 6 2021

Funeral Service

Graveside Service

Shailendran Pillay

June 16 2021