iPhone Dale

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– At this location, the cell signal is very weak. While viewing, you may experience buffering –
the service is also being recorded on our camera and will be uploaded if we have poor internet connection.
– The archive of this service will be viewable within 6 (to 48 hours pending difficulty) of the live stream –
and will appear on this same page, just scroll down a little bit more, below the “Past Funeral Services” line.
(We get many requests to live stream weddings. We suggest YourDayLive.com)


1 Comment on “iPhone Dale

  1. We are ever so thankful for modern technology, which made it possible to watch the service in our home in Morden, Manitoba. We, Nellie and I, John, will miss you Cornie, we always managed to get to see you and Elsie when we came up to see Dave and Marlene. Rest in Peace, Cornie.

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