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  1. Esther was a lovely caring lady who I enjoyed to talk to. May there be peace and comfort in knowing that someone so special will never be forgotten.

  2. Esther, when you called me, we had a lot of fun because you was a happy lady. You often talked about your cats. I miss you and your voice!

  3. Esther, 感恩天父讓我在地上有機會認識了您,多謝您對我的信任坦言無懼的與我分享您的人生經歷!
    God loves you! You are blessed! 主懷安息,天家再見!

  4. Esther, I do miss you a lot! Your dedication and faithful service over the past 10 years in serving God was a very good example for us to follow and look up to. I do enjoy our conversations for your work experience and your lovely cats at home. you are a great pal to get along with across generations. The days on earth are just a rehearsal to prepare for the eternity, you have begun a new chapter on your new journey into the eternal life!

  5. Esther, remember our 2021 New Year resolution that is to grow in God’s Word? We are supposed to share our daily devotional insights in our call. I just felt so sorry that we did not even have a chance to start. I shall greatly miss hearing your voice, the inspirational life experience, the time we share serving together, the delicious braised duck, mochi with red bean pastei and paper wrapped sponge cake. Your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget but we rejoice that you are now with your Lord and Saviour.

  6. Aunt Esther, although we have met only a few times back in the late 1970’s, I still remember the chineese meal you cooked for us at uncle Mitch’s place. And all the laughs during the meal when we discovered what we were actually eating. We were far from our traditional ‘american’ chineese meal… I can still hear you laugh. RIP

  7. Esther, I was so glad to have the opportunity to have a long conversation with you the evening before you were taken with the Lord. Although I only came to know you when I came back to BAC 5 years ago. We share the same first name and many in common. We became good friends. That’s how we actually addressd to each others as 老友记。I still remember vividly at our last conversation that evening I was saying although we were getting old but we still wanted to be independent and not be a burden to our children. You jumped out and said ” 你講得啱啦、所以我叫你做老友記”。

  8. Esther,
    Thanks for sharing a lot about your cats. You really love them. I know you are with the Lord now. Will miss hearing from you.

  9. To cousin Rock and his family, Tks for sharing the ceremony. Nos pensées sont avec toi – our thoughts are with you. Your Ripley family from Longueuil and St-Hubert. Aunt Claire, Nancy and Jean Pierre, Monique and Robert.

  10. I will forever remember and cherish our in-depth conversations about our cats every time we saw each other. We’d share stores of how silly they were and the funny things they’d done – we’d laugh and bond over our love for felines. Thank you for always making the trip to Richmond whenever I was in town. You will be missed dearly, Esther xo

  11. Esther, the first time I met you was almost 10 years ago when I gave you a ride to Cedar Spring to attend the summer retreat. Then after every time I saw you, you said you remembered me and thanked me for giving you the ride. I have seen you faithfully attending all church services, fellowships and prayer meetings. Definitely I will miss you on earth. Rest in peace in the Lord.

  12. Rest in peace Auntie Esther, your energy and cat stories will be dearly missed. Thank you Roch for the beautiful eulogy.

  13. Hi Rock ,nous avons été peinés d’apprendre le décès de ta maman.
    Nous venons de voir le service de ta mère, tu as donné un bel hommage , c’étais très touchant .

    Monique et moi t’offrons a toi et ta famille nos sincères condoléances et nous sommes de tout cœur avec toi !

    Nous partageons ta peine !

    Monique et Robert

  14. Aunt Esther , I have great memories of the summer I spent in Vancouver , how surprised you were on the phone when I called the house and you called out to Uncle Al that he had
    ” forgot to pick up Fred at the airport”.
    How you taught me my first { and only } 3 words in Chinese , mushroom ,milk and brother .
    Taking me to a restaurant in China town , when the waitress brought us our cutlery and you noticed that she had given me chop sticks you took mine , gave them to Roch and gave me the baby spoon they had given Roch .
    And also bringing me downtown to get a fishing license so that I could go fishing with Uncle Al . I remember how Uncle Al talked about your cooking when we were on the boat with a friend called Frank , honestly I didn t always know what I was eating but it was always good and different .
    Roch made a vague reference today about your driving skills , yes I remember that too
    ” Can I go ,Can I go ? ”
    ” .Noooooo !! ” I would reply .. When we got back Uncle asked ” So , how did it go ” . …I didn t answer
    . But the funniest memory I have is when we were in the car with I believe Aunt Esther s sister { I can be wrong } , I was sitting in the back with Roch and Aunt Esther and her sister were in the front talking in Chinese , I was trying my best to understand but they were talking soo fast ,also they didn t use any of my three words , all of a sudden we pass a Ferrari parked on the side of the road and I hear either Aunt Esther or her sister say “” ooohhh Ferrari “” . that was all I understood out of that car ride
    . I tell these stories everytime I talk about my trip ,Thank you for being a great host . RIP Aunt Esther Kit – Ying Ripley .

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