We were so saddened to hear of Frank’s passing.

For Donna and Alan and their families, you have our deepest condolences.

I remember Mr. Steingart as being very kind and gentle with me as a child and I always liked him.

Yes, as Alan mentioned, he worked for Kelsey Moore in Ft. Langley, as did our patriarch. Occasionally, Mr. Steingart would come to our house in the early evening and watch hockey with him. That’s how we got to know him. I, too, remember the brown house with the orange door, Donna playing the piano in the den, I also remember a dark emerald coloured Rambler, the tennis court in the back yard and Mr. Steingart offering to take me for a ride on his motorcycle. I was quite young and too frightened, and (regretfully, now) declined.

Once, when Donna and I were playing in the basement in sock feet, I’d gotten a sliver in my foot. I was too frightened to mention it, but started limping a bit – favouring one foot over the other. Donna noticed straightaway, asked what was wrong, and confidently and assuredly proclaimed her father would take care of it with a needle from the sewing kit. I was terrified. Donna’s reverence for her beloved Dad was evident, she thought the world of him and had unwavering faith in him and his abilities – and rightfully so. She called up the stairs to him, but I was far too scared by now – knowing there was a needle involved. Mr. Steingart came down and carried me upstairs. The tears were welling up now, I was so distraught over the mere thought of a needle – as I certainly wasn’t in any pain. I guess when he took off my sock it must have dislodged the sliver. He joked with me, through my tears, that I was so frightened I managed to scare that sliver right out of there! He was nothing but kind and gentle with me, I always liked Mr. Steingart and I’ve always remembered him this way.

He was an outstanding father and a very good man. But, oh!, what an impressive legacy he’s left behind. He carries on, as he’s in every one of you.

We are very sorry for your loss.

Y. Clelland & family.

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful condolences and the “walk down memory lane”! I definitely can hear Dad say those words about the sliver with his eyes twinkling! We still have that motorcycle that he offered a ride on if you can believe it! We are so very sad about losing Dad but as a family we take great comfort in the memories we have of him and the legacy of love he left.
    Donna, Alan and family

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