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Thank you for making yourself available on such short notice. Your professional skills made it possible for dear friends and family in Europe, all across Canada and even locally to pay the respects to my beloved father.

Port Coquitlam

Very well done as always. Great direction and quality videography.


It’s to great to see it turn out so well! Top quality!

New Westminster

It was great to work with Legacy Streaming and the family was happy.
I look forward to booking your team again for another service!


The service went well and the family was very pleased. Thank you for your wonderful service!


Crazy it was such a high number of viewers! Wow!


All went perfectly, as usual.


I’m really pleased to hear that so many people were viewing the live stream feed. In fact, one family who had watched it commented that “the audio and video imaging were first class. A big thanks to the crew that filmed it.”


It was so great and so special for the family. You guys are always so kind and unassuming. Thank you!


Legacy Streaming did an outstanding job today. We were on a very tight turnaround as per the parishes covid policy, we could not enter until 10 for a 10:15am start. They were set up and were very flexible in how we streamed today. They were also very accommodating to the guests




The family asked that I pass on their compliments and appreciation of the work Legacy Streaming did, live streaming the funeral Mass to out of country family members and friends. They were very impressed with all the visuals taken of the service and how professional the final video looked.


The son received calls from Trinidad, Virginia, USA, it was GREAT!! Thank you, everyone. Cheers!! 

North Vancouver

I spoke with the family yesterday and they were very happy with the service. They wanted me to thank you for the wonderful job, they received many compliments on the service from around the world. 

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